Optima Steamer™ EST is the original electrical-powered steam cleaner. It has durable body design, energy-efficient steam vessel, selection of wet to dry steam, smart control system, and easy maintenance.
The machine is solely electric-powered to be suited for indoor cleaning and sanitization application. It has applied to commercial facilities cleaning, animal holding facility sanitization, painting or coating pre-treatment, and the fixed or mobile aid sanitization in a hospital


Powerful Performance

Its high-efficiency heating system continues to provide sufficient and powerful steam during operation

Smart Control System

A Built-in chip of Artificial intelligence, operated by the internal CPU, monitors and controls the mechanical and electrical operation of the machine.

Multi-stage Safety Devices

The safety devices alarm and control automatically in a low level of water and fuel, a pressure or temperature out of range, an abnormal flame detection and an overtime pump operation.

Easy Maintenance

Designed by professional engineers in the heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry, the machine has an advanced structure to facilitate maintenance and durability

Dry & Wet Steam

It regulates the humidity of the steam with a moisture control valve to make pure dry steam to heavy humid steam gradually


The automatic filling of water no longer requires supplying water manually.

Sanitizing without Chemicals

The “superheated steam” produced by Optima Steamer sanitizes ,disinfects and eliminates hazardous food-borne bacteria.

Reduce your costs & Protect the Earth

When you use it in your business, you do not need a governmental permission to use it thanks to its low water consumption and wastewater-free.






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