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Steam Buddy is an industry-leading supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning products, specializing in vapor steam machines for mobile or in-house applications and to provide our customers with eco-friendly, cost-effective cleaning solutions, with no chemicals and no hassles.

Steam Buddy is an Authorized Distributor and Channel Partner of  SJE Corporation Busan  South Korea  in India for Sales / Service / Spares of its World’s Best Selling Steamer “OPTIMA STEAMER”.

Steam Buddy offices and warehouse are located in Raipur, Central Part Of India  Chhattisgarh , 5 KM  from the Raipur Airport (RPR) & Railway Station, giving us convenient access to supply and service of our customers across the India North, South and Central.

We have been selling tools for every day professional cleaning, usable in every condition and easily repairable.

We created the company based on emerging trends analysis. Now people, governments and companies pay more and more attention to the environment. We are sure that Green businesses helping people to save energy, water, and other resources.

Our products are focusing the steam technology, in order to respect the environment and improve the quality of life, making all kinds of cleaning processes simpler, efficient, convenient and fast.

Every year it is increasingly felt the need to limit the use of chemical agents for cleaning industries, which inevitably end up in our water, air and soil. Precisely for this reason the demand for products like ours is constantly growing in all sector; no matter the size of the surface to be treated, because the steam efficiency is incomparable.

Our goal is to give solutions to the customers and make the cleaning an efficient and profitable activity.

We will help you to win the war against environmental pollution.
Our main aim, in fact, is to give our contribution in order to create a better and more livable place for future generations.